Thursday, March 27, 2014

New workshop

I'm about to embark on a new workshop next month. Hop on over to Jeanne Oliver's blog to enter a fabulous giveaway from the teacher Danielle Donaldson. Can't wait to start!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Triple the fun!

I couldn't  decide. So I printed out a couple of copies, just to play with.
 Here is the background that I posted previously. From the copies I created a crowd in silhouette and also a little birdie near a windowsill. From the latter I had already cut some ATC sized cards for another project, so maybe it I should have named this post 'quadruplet the fun'? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double the fun

I've seen this tip once before but never really followed up on it. 
 The tip on more than one project at a time using the same palate. It can be simply a matter of using up what's left, or really just taking a colour scheme and creating matching 'art'ickles (hehehe....see what I did there.)

 I was creating a background canvas board and had put out too much paint... So out comes one of my journals and I started slapping on that paint. In the end I had two projects started ( in hardly any extra time) and I hadn't wasted and gotta love that!
The journal background made me think of underwater. Yes, I know there's no pink under the sea, but it's a mermaids prerogative to choose her own colour, dontcha know!
There's a lot of fluro colour on this page and it felt like an inner light, hence the journaling. 

Oh..and here's the canvas board. I've got a few ideas kicking around on how to proceed, so I'll be interested in now it turns out. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Journal

Once again, I took inspiration from Efffy Wild and used her idea of black and white.  The rest was inspired by a quote from Erasmus! I just love quotes...don't you? They are always great for journaling.

Road to Redemption!

I think I've mentioned before that I have many journals....many, many! Somewhere within the vicinity of around 50. 
 Considering that this number is around the number of weeks in a year, it occurred to me that I should use at least one a week, just to validate my journal collecting addiction...hence my redemption hehehe!
 I always get excited when a journal is near completion. I usually leave the cover till last as I just know that I would dirty it up while working on it....suffice it to say, I have only 10 of my journals covered! I guess, for a relative newbie, that's not too bad. 
This journal spread is inspired by Effie Wilds " Book of Days" workshop. I took the figures that she painted , but used my own sentiment. Effy's title was .."Soul Tribe". Mine is .."I am many"  which is indicative of how we adapt to interact with different people in our lives. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last for today

This is the cover of my Documented Life Project book. If you want to join in just head on over to Facebook and ask to join the group. There's a bunch of amazing, supportive, creative and  helpful people won't be disappointed! It's not too late. It's organised by "Art to the 5th" ladies, and they supply a prompt every week for your tip in page. 
 What's a tip in page? Well, we simply cut a piece of watercolour paper to fit inside and attach it with washi tape at the outside edge. The watercolour paper will take all the wet media, but you might have to be careful what you do with the other pages if you get the weekly planner journal from Moleskine (as suggested), because that is quite thin paper...try gesso.
 The edge of the book looks really cool if you can source a few different colours of washi tape...but be careful....collecting washi is very addictive....ask any DLP (documented life project) practiser!

Just a cup of coffee

Now I'm  at the Norman Lindsay Gallery coffee shop. His house is open to the public and so are his gardens which contain statues that he crafted. Here is the view from my seat today. Lovely and leafy, cool and shady. Heaven!

I'm baaaaack!!

So...I managed to go a while year without a single blogpost.
Life gets in the way, I guess. Since then I've had my daughter and my grandson come live with us and life can get a little hectic.

 I just bought a Thomas Thorspecken book called Urban Sketching. Not only is it a great resource, but he has some good tips on becoming accountable for your own development!
 One tip is to sketch once a day.....and post it on your blog! The idea being that you become more 'accountable' and it's a good way to see your progress. That's the selling point for me. I have so many books and I work across many of them concurrently, so it's hard to gauge progress accurately!

Now, as you can see, I'm not just a sketcher! Actually, I'm a scanner personality, which means I flit from one  technique and  medium to another...never perfecting, but not becoming bored or stale either, I hope!

 So, even though it's a little late for a New Years Resolution, let's consider this one.
 I vow to post my work/ matter how awful, or ( hopefully) awesome it may be.

 Today. I pulled out a photo from a visit to Sydney. I LOVE the Queen Victoria Building. I can just imagine the 'fine folk'  that would have promenaded down those halls, peeking into the lavish shops with their scrumptious wares. The ladies, flapping their fans and the men, twirling their waxed moustaches! Ahhhhhhh!  I'm such an old fashioned girl at heart!