Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paper Flower 6x12

These cool little flowers are simply made from a square of scrapbook paper which you cut around in a spiral and then coil up the result. Lots of fun to make and you can do so much to them to make them more interesting. I've added some inking and glitter to jazz mine up!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Plaster Dress

This little 6x6 canvas is decorated with a dress made from plaster craft bandage. You know that bandaging stuff that used to wrapped around a broken arm or leg to make the cast? Well now it belongs in the mixed media studio! I simply drew the outline of the dress on the canvas, cut strips of plaster craft, wet the strips and then lay them down inside my outline. The plaster acts like the glue. I like the texture of the gauze, which can be visible, or not, depending on if you overlap your strips.
  If you decide to try this technique remember the time it takes to dry will be greatly affected by the amount of layers that you use and your climate, so take that into account and maybe go onto something else for a day or two.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mandala 2

  Here is my second mandala from Guadalupe's class. This palette of red green and yellow is almost the opposite of what I usually use, so I'm making a conscious effort to break out of my norm and play with different combinations.
  I must also add that I am really loving these Inktense  watercolours. They blend quite well and you can also layer them without reactivating a previous layer. Thank you to my good friend Marta for recommending them to me.
  What I also like about these mandalas is that you finish painting and then it's time to doodle, a very enjoyable past time! (I like how my small and large circles ended up looking like lace around the inner hexagon)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


If you pop over to the Willowing Ning site you will find a lovely, free class run by Guadalupe. Her delightful Mandalas are so relaxing to do, I just love them!
This is my first attempt and I just can't wait to do more. I think they will be a great little kick-starter when I'm feeling blocked

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spread your wings

So here is my 6x12 Fairy doll. She's here to remind me to use my inner strengths.
When I start a project it's hard sometimes, to trust the process. I had put down a couple of layers in the background and wasn't really loving where it was going. After a few more layers, I thought maybe a mystical outdoor atmosphere was evolving, hence the fairy. Now I love her. The message really speaks to my heart and I'm enjoying the contrast of the vintage outfit with the fairy wings

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First ever blog

So where does one start when one firsts blogs. I really wish that I had started blogging 18 months ago, when I first started my art lessons. Keeping a record of my journey from the very start would make so much more sense that jumping in mid story.
Anyhoo, this is where I am now. I may be the only one who ever reads this, but that's okay with me. So here goes.

Today I put some of my artwork into a friend's shop. If you are in the vicinity of Minchinbury Hometown, why not pop in to The Creative Spirit Center. Cherished Relics is my friends shop and she has the most amazing, collection of beautiful items for sale...well worth the trip.

See their Facebook page for opening hours.