Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spread your wings

So here is my 6x12 Fairy doll. She's here to remind me to use my inner strengths.
When I start a project it's hard sometimes, to trust the process. I had put down a couple of layers in the background and wasn't really loving where it was going. After a few more layers, I thought maybe a mystical outdoor atmosphere was evolving, hence the fairy. Now I love her. The message really speaks to my heart and I'm enjoying the contrast of the vintage outfit with the fairy wings


Marta Ramirez - Mystical StarSylph said...

Karen, not only this faery is so cute, but she is here, born from your loving hands, to remind us all about our inner strength.
I also thought about the contrast between the whimsical faery setting and the vintage outfit, but it really goes so well with her, giving her a romantic feeling.

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting me dear Marta xx