Friday, March 21, 2014

Double the fun

I've seen this tip once before but never really followed up on it. 
 The tip on more than one project at a time using the same palate. It can be simply a matter of using up what's left, or really just taking a colour scheme and creating matching 'art'ickles (hehehe....see what I did there.)

 I was creating a background canvas board and had put out too much paint... So out comes one of my journals and I started slapping on that paint. In the end I had two projects started ( in hardly any extra time) and I hadn't wasted and gotta love that!
The journal background made me think of underwater. Yes, I know there's no pink under the sea, but it's a mermaids prerogative to choose her own colour, dontcha know!
There's a lot of fluro colour on this page and it felt like an inner light, hence the journaling. 

Oh..and here's the canvas board. I've got a few ideas kicking around on how to proceed, so I'll be interested in now it turns out. 

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