Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last for today

This is the cover of my Documented Life Project book. If you want to join in just head on over to Facebook and ask to join the group. There's a bunch of amazing, supportive, creative and  helpful people won't be disappointed! It's not too late. It's organised by "Art to the 5th" ladies, and they supply a prompt every week for your tip in page. 
 What's a tip in page? Well, we simply cut a piece of watercolour paper to fit inside and attach it with washi tape at the outside edge. The watercolour paper will take all the wet media, but you might have to be careful what you do with the other pages if you get the weekly planner journal from Moleskine (as suggested), because that is quite thin paper...try gesso.
 The edge of the book looks really cool if you can source a few different colours of washi tape...but be careful....collecting washi is very addictive....ask any DLP (documented life project) practiser!


julieann barker said...
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julieann barker said...

Hello lovely cousin, i posted a comment but deleted it my spelling is awful!!!
I love your art and your blog spot, wonderful, well done you it's all lovely, i should love to get something to put up on my wall at home!!! lots love XX

Marta Ramirez - Mystical StarSylph said...

Karen, how wonderful to see your pages together in your blog, so colorful and inspiring, you make me want to start art journalling again!