Friday, March 14, 2014

Road to Redemption!

I think I've mentioned before that I have many journals....many, many! Somewhere within the vicinity of around 50. 
 Considering that this number is around the number of weeks in a year, it occurred to me that I should use at least one a week, just to validate my journal collecting addiction...hence my redemption hehehe!
 I always get excited when a journal is near completion. I usually leave the cover till last as I just know that I would dirty it up while working on it....suffice it to say, I have only 10 of my journals covered! I guess, for a relative newbie, that's not too bad. 
This journal spread is inspired by Effie Wilds " Book of Days" workshop. I took the figures that she painted , but used my own sentiment. Effy's title was .."Soul Tribe". Mine is .."I am many"  which is indicative of how we adapt to interact with different people in our lives. 

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