Monday, July 20, 2015

Revisiting previous portraits

I wanted to redraw some of my recent portraits just to see if I could reproduce their likeness, but in a different pose. 
It's a fun exercise and really stretches you to refine your precious work! I have noticed though that some of my girls now appeared to have aged in their new sittings...maybe it's been a while in faery land!

Mother Earth hasn't aged of course!

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Marta Ramirez - Mystical StarSylph said...

Karen, you have certainly achieved your goal revisiting these beauties. Not only they have the same characters, they are so recognizable, but it's an absolute delight to see their different poses, expressions, moments.
I take my hat off to you my dear friend, I think the task you've set yourself is a really difficult one, but haven't you come through it with flying colors?!